Patios are very practical and provide benefits such as increasing your home's recreational space and can make your garden easier to maintain. Visually pleasing and when built properly, very durable, patio's provide a calm place from where to enjoy your garden.

With over 15 years of experience we have produced numerous beautiful patios. We always ensure that our customers are completely satisfied at the conclusion of every project.


Traditional is mainly used for set garden sizes and shapes, and consists of straight edges, the design is mainly plane and simple to suit any garden. This is a popular choice by many homes due to its simplicity and effective look on any garden.

Natural Stone

Natural stone is more expensive than traditional however it is more visually pleasing, unlike traditional natural stone provides a special and unique pattern which can be adapted to any shape. In addition to this natural stone can have different polishes such as matt or gloss finish.

What makes natural stone more desirable is its durability, unlike concrete it will not weather and it always provides a smooth finish. Natural stone can make your garden feel more authentic and unique. In recent times it has become more affordable and the supply more plentiful.


Whether the property is small or large, courtyard patios provides a solution for all gardens. What makes courtyards different from natural stone and the traditional patio is the fact that it provides a boundary and almost a different part from the garden. Courtyards are becoming increasingly poplar because of their attractive design options and additional features.

At FC Paving we always use the highest quality materials and we ensure that each project is intricately planned out and that the customer needs are always put first. In addition to this all of our work is fully guaranteed.

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