FC Paving provide maintenance services such as cleaning, sealing, restoration and repairs to the following:

  • Driveways
  • Block paving
  • Footpaths
  • Pattern Imprinted concrete

Keep your driveway and patio looking great with regular annual maintenance. Usually the best time to freshen up your brickwork is at the onset of spring, when the worst of the winter is behind us. Our team will always explain what procedures are recommended and give a realistic assessment of the outcome that can be achieved.

Pressure Washing

Deep Driveway cleaning can vary depending on the type that you have, however we will always use our advanced rotary cleaning system on all drives to ensure that all dirt/streaks and strong mess is removed. By using our advanced system we ensure that your driveway looks brand new once the process have finished.

When cleaning driveways we always ensure that no plants or other landscape material will be damaged, we always make sure that the all drainage and dirt removal is taken care of before we leave your property.

Once the first layer of dirt is removed (weeds, dirt, moss, plant left over) we then use a further deep cleaning process with detergent to clean and prevent the following:

  • Oil Stains and Penetration
  • Weather damage and corrosion
  • Sand loss between blocks
  • Block movement
  • Weed growth and ants nests
Patios and Footpaths

Patios and footpaths may require cleaning due to loss in colour or because weather damage. When cleaning patios and footpaths we ensure that the surrounding material is taken care of and we ensure that all moss, algae and slime is removed and prevented. Our team make sure that your patios and footpaths will be maintained and protected after we leave.

Pattern Imprinted Concrete

Re-sealing of pattern imprinted concrete is advised every three years and this is to ensure the structure and surface colour is protected and maintained. If maintenance is not carried out then this can ruin the pattern and it can lead to the colour fading and the original coat to deteriorate.

Why carry out Maintenance?

Maintenance is required like the service of your car. After time driveways and patios erode away and can attract weeds/algae. This can discolour the driveways and patios and hence it can be visually unpleasing. To ensure that the quality is consistent maintenance is required. For block paving and other materials it is critical because it is porous and because of the gaps which can attract unpleasing dirt.

Sealing your driveway has numerous benefits such as making it waterproof, creating a non-porous resin barrier and ensuring long durability. By carrying out this particular maintenance ensures that your patio and driveway will be stable and it will reduce the colour loss from UV light.

At FC Paving & driveways we always use the highest quality materials and we ensure that each project is intricately planned out and that the customer needs are always put first. In addition to this all of our work is fully guaranteed.

Whatever the size of your project we are always here to help and offer free and impartial advice, contact our team now to discuss your project on either St Albans : 01727 881663 or London : 020 8419 8863 .