Block Paving

Block Paving is used to create a durable surface where your vehicle can be parked. What makes this better than using other materials is the fact that the material used is very high quality and that the bricks can be replaced if required. Tarmac is an option but can be more costly to refill certain parts, whereas brick can be replaced quickly.

The best feature about block paving is the fact that it has a multi use purpose, for example it can be used for paths, patios and even driveways. There are many different designs and many patterns so our team will go through the options available for you and then they will make sure that you are completely satisfied before starting the project.

Block paving not only is visually pleasing but it enhances the property. Our years of experience means that you can rest assured of the high quality workmanship and materials.

Tarmac Driveways

Tarmac driveways also enhance the property and are an alternative to block paving. Unlike block paving this is very cost effective for larger properties. Though it may not be as visually pleasing it can be very useful to businesses and homeowners that have a restricted budget.

Tarmac driveways are extremely durable and because of this are often a popular choice, in addition to this there is an option of different colours which makes tarmac driveways look more visually pleasing.

Improvements in technology also mean that new tarmac is specifically engineered to withstand the surface aggravation of grinding tyres and hence is even more durable than standard tarmac.

Loose Stone

Loose stone is another alternative to tarmac and block paving, a good feature about loose stone is that it is visually pleasing and very durable. There is a large variation when it comes to choosing the type of product and services wanted, however every detail can be specified from the type of stone to the colour of the stone.

The main advantage of loose stone over tarmac and block paving is draining, because the water will just seep through the stone and hence drainage is never a problem. Loose stone is quickly replaceable which makes this a good option for homeowners and businesses. The material used can vary so our team will make sure that they have guided you through all of the options available for you and then once you are completely happy they will start the project.

At FC Paving we always use the highest quality materials and we ensure that each project is intricately planned out and that the customer needs are always put first. In addition to this all of our work is fully guaranteed.

What ever the size of your project we are always here to help and offer free and impartial advice, contact our team now to discuss your project on either St Albans : 01727 881663 or London : 020 8419 8863 .